Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Ultimate Short Trip: Itinerary

Tuesday, November 9
Noon: arrive at Kuss Science Center, schmooze w/ Dfin
12:30 – attend senior seminar
2:00 – show up for Dr. Cline’s office hours (where I will ask about the progress of instrumentation for identifying laundry stains,) visit with Kay
3:00 – walk to Union. Purchase new Witt sweatshirt to replace the ratty one from 1992; see if the combination to mail box still works.
5:00 – dinner at Nelson’s
7:00 – arrive at HPERC for Dudley Herschbach’s Lecture, The Impossible Takes a Little Longer.
10:00 – Young’s run
???? – crash at the Springfield Inn

Wednesday, November 10
10:20 – sit in on O-chem I; refuse to laugh at prof’s poor jokes.
11:30 - Bribe Dr. Anderson: a case of diet coke if he'll give us one more chance to play one of his "computer games."
noon – lunch at Mike and Rosie’s
1:00 – join O-chem students in lab, act like we know exactly what is going on.
3:00 – to Bayley for Herschbach’s technical lecture, Emulating Maxwell’s Demon.

Don’t forget to pack your goggles, your spiral-bound notebook with “I love Chris” written in bubble letters on every page*, and your p-hat.

Anybody want to join me?

* if applicable



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