Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Do I look like I'm four?

Okay. Our VCR died. We can live without it, so no complaints from me.

But we have kinda been shopping around for a replacement. I would like to get a VCR/DVD player so we can play the old videos, but start buying the longer lasting DVD's. Additionally, I would like to transfer all of our home made videos to DVD as well.

This in mind, I took a trip to hhgregg last night. They had one on sale for a good price, but it wasn't clear from the ad whether it could record to DVD. I found about 20 of them, all in their boxes, piled on the sales floor. I read every side of the box but found nothing stating that it recorded to DVD. Just to make sure, I asked. "No," said the saleperson, "but I can show you the ones that do." Whatever, I'm thinking. "Sure," I reply.

He leads me around to a shelf where they have about 6 models, all with the descriptive feature tag prominently displayed. We have "Sony" he says, pointing to a device with a big "SONY" sign on it. We have this "Toshiba," pointing to another with a big "Toshiba."

The pointing is the trick. It gets me to actually look at the machine - as if getting a good, long look at it will clarify which one I should buy. But there isn't really all that much to keep my attention, so I direct my eyes to the Toshiba's feature tag. DVD records to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and CD-RAM formats, I read.

"This one records to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and CD-RAM formats," he says.

Turning my head, I look at him. Do I look like I am four? I think. Does he think I can't read? Does he know that *I* know that he just read that to me? Does he really think that I am going to buy a $287 piece of electronics after coming in to look at one on sale for $87?

"Goodbye." I said.


Anonymous Mom said...

I've finally become bold enough (disgusted and insulted emough?) that I make statements like: "I'll read the boxes and get back to you if I need information that isn't already printed; thank you." All said very courteously and without any negative inflexions.

Wed Aug 24, 04:51:00 PM  

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