Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Every so often, I would like to do a "What I like about" post regarding different people in my life. I have decided to start today with Maureen, because she is going to stop reading this if I don't say something about her. Despite the fact that she is trying to hijack my blog, all of the following is true:

What I like about Maureen

1. she is hilariously funny
2. she is so different from me... and I find it refreshing to hear her perspective
3. she is insightful and wise (wait, that's two)
4. she is insightful and wise
5. she is the most out-of-the-box thinker I know. Since I have zero ability to think out of the box, I really like this about her, but I think I like it more that she doesn't just think that way, she lives that way.
6. she scares me. it's not like she's ugly or anything (in fact she bears striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.) She scares me because of #2 & #5 and because of that, I find that her life challenges me in ways that no one else's does.
7. she makes me want to be a better Christian
8. she ministers grace to me
9. ain't no pretense when you are around Maureen
10. she wants to love even (or especially?) the people that are unlovely
11. she IMs with me
12. this may be lame-o, but it is true: she has fantastic hair
13. Maureen is more concerned about living out God's purpose than she is about having things or "success" as the world sees it.
15. she reads a lot
16. she has a great vocabulary. it's like street lingo meets college prof.
17. conversations with Maureen are awesome
18. little things are not lost on her
19. she knows how to be thankful even when life is stinky
20. she knows the only person she can change is herself. and she does.

Yes, it is official. I love Maureen. And I am thankful that we are back in touch.

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