Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Streamers and balloons falling from ceiling while band is playing in the background:

It's my 100th post!

To celebrate (and to counteract my serious and whiney posts from the last two days) I would like to share something much more trivial, and maybe even odd:

I think that blue-ink pens write differently than black-ink pens. All other things the same, I think that blue pens actually feel different than black ones when you write with them. And I prefer the blue over the black because of how they feel.

My favorite pens are the clear Bics with the hexagonal (?) barrel. I haven't been able to find them in the last two stores I looked in. I even asked the sales guy at Office Max and he said he hasn't seen them in a while. Perhaps I can special order them... but I'm not sure I am that far over the edge yet.

Anyway, after discovering that my pens can't be found, I had to go with my second favorite, the round, white Bics. I was strangely disappointed to find that those were only available in black (unless I wanted fine point... but I'd rather have black ink than a fine point... which is fitting because, as you may have surmised, the point of this post is turning out to be anything but fine.) This whole ridiculous situation, and the fact that I have given it more than 2 minutes of thought has made me wonder. Am I the only weirdo who thinks that ink color affects the feel of a pen?

Just to keep in the celebratory spirit, let's do one of my favorite little things... an unofficial poll.

Unofficial poll: if given a choice, which would you pick: blue ink or black ink?


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