Monday, October 17, 2005

Feeling Better?

Ms. Bao seems to be feeling better. We gave her ibuprofen last night for her fever, and started her on the antibiotics that the pediatrician gave us before we left. We think she has at least one ear infection. I suspected it when we were in Kunming, but she didn't seem bothered by it, and I thought that her physical exam in Guangzhou would catch it. Well, they looked in her ears, but only with their eyes. (!!!)

It wasn't until the fever that I became convinced she had an ear infection. "Grandma," who is traveling with the M family, asked if she could take Bao for a few hours today. She wanted to give me and Paul some time to do things without having to worry about Bao. We gladly accepted. During the few hours she spent with Bao, she noticed some of the same things we did... especially the crying when it was time for more Ibuprofen. But she said Bao was happy as a lark within a half hour of taking more medicine. She thinks it's an ear infection too. We felt reassured that someone else would interpret the signs the way we did.

We had some great play time together after we got her back from Grandma. She played on the bed, waved, rocked, wiggled, kicked. We haven't seen her do any of these things for about two days, so we hope this means she is getting back to herself.

She is asleep now, so I think I am going to join her in her nap.

Thank you all for your prayers. I think what Bao needed most was for her parents to get a clue! We appreciate you all. And we look forward to being home!



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