Sunday, October 16, 2005

Someone, stick a spike in my head

I am about to go out of my mind. Ms. Bao needs constant attention. She isn't playing nicely much at all anymore. She cries almost constantly, unless we are walking outside with her. And I mean walking. Don't stop or she starts crying walking. She isn't happy unless she is moving or eating. I am not kidding. And I am about to go crazy.

We can't take her shopping, because we'd have to actually STOP in a store. Just walking - either in the stroller or in the snuggly. We haven't done anything since yesterday where we haven't been on edge constantly to keep her moving.

And when she gets upset, she isn't just wimpering. She is full out crying.

This island is small. We have walked all over it. And we are constantly being accosted by the shop owners who sit outside of their stores waiting for people like us to walk by, and then jumping up to invite us in and tell us about all the great stuff in their store that is exactly the same stuff that is in every other store, only theirs is better, and they'll give us a good price.

I am absolutely going out of my mind. I do not know what Bao wants and if I knew, I don't think I'd have the energy to give it to her.

The highlight of my day was a one hour, full-body massage. It cost under $10.

Please pray. I am at the end of my rope... and we still have two more days here and some long flights to get through before we make it home.



Blogger Leslie said...

Please give Pezmama and her husband patience on the flight home. Give patience to the people sitting around them. Give them attentive flight attendants. And safe travels! Amen.

I've been there (on a long flight--but not as long as yours.)

Sun Oct 16, 10:47:00 AM  

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