Friday, October 14, 2005


I was wondering who "fostered" the children there. Are they just other Chinese families? Just wondering? Did Li mention that most orphanages seem to be ran like this one? Or is this a nicer one?

Thank you, Jill, for your insightful questions :)

We don't know exactly who the foster family was. The information that we got is that many children at Kunming CWI go into foster care. The foster families do get money for taking in the children. But we have been told that they look for families whom they think really want to care for the children. Judging from Bao's condition, I think she was very well cared for.

We haven't asked Li specifically about other orphanages, and I think that's because we already know that there are orphanages that are much worse, and a few that are spectacular. My *impression* is that the orphanages in larger cities tend to have more funding and therefore better facilities/care. Private orphanages (like the one sponsored by our agency) are not nearly as fortunate, unless there is significant funding from outside sources. I am pretty sure that Kunming CWI is funded by the government.

To update you on Bao, she has turned into quite the fusser. Perhaps she understood what those nannies were saying about her yesterday and has decided to act accordingly. It seems she gets quite fussy if she spends too long around the same scenery. We have taken her on walks around the city to settle her down, and it has worked thus far. Do you know where I am going with this? Please pray that I will be at peace during the plane trip regardless of how she decides to act.

Please also pray for Ms. Boo and Mr. But. Kelly is having a rough time, particularly with Boo. I don't know a ton of details now, but she is having a pretty hard time.

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