Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Special Memories with Special People

w/ Paul: the Yankees/Indians game during the ALCS; exchanging love letters, the day we got married; our childrens' births.

w/ mom: when I colored and cut out a picture of a clown in 1st grade. I took extra care to cut it out well. When I brought it home, mom said "did you cut this out?" and proceeded to tell me what a great job I did

w/ dad: Farm Shop sundaes, tickle fights, and the college trip to Pittsburgh

w/ Helen: our trip to St. Louis; my wedding; her wedding; the bad play that we saw the summer after we graduated and laughing uncontrollably when we go back home; Thursdays at Fazoli's

w/ Shelby: discussing as we walked home from movie nights in Bayley; walking home in the rain; the library typewriter; singing "McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut" as we walked to the College Life meeting; making up a rap about a drunk guy

w/ God: the summer of '94 at Penn State. When he was more real to me than he had ever been up to that point.

w/ Shelah: a walk during my senior year when she encouraged me that my desire to serve God counts, even if I felt like I was failing.

w/ Heather: (my best friend in high school) finger painting with ice cream on the kitchen counter; making brownies; long walks where we could say whatever we wanted and know that it was okay

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