Thursday, April 01, 2004

Little Things I find Exciting

* finding stuff to send to my nephew, Seth, stationed in Iraq
* seeing the plants peeking out of the ground, or the new seeds sprouting out of the soil. I swear I check those things every 5 minutes to see how much they have grown.
* seeing the pieces of a quilt come together
* throwing baby/bridal showers
* getting comments on my blog (no pressure)
* shopping for fabric
* going out for dinner w/ friends after the Sunday evening service at church
* watching my children open presents
* staying in the hospital after having a baby
* seeing an animal in its natural environment, especially frogs, fish, chipmunks, turtles
* the moment I realize that I will be able to complete a syll-acrostic
* when new people come to Sunday school
* explaining a chemical concept to someone who really wants to know and is willing to listen

I would just like to mention that I like it that silly things excite me.

By the way, does anyone else find the type on this blog too big? I am in negotiations with my template about this. So far, its desires have prevailed.



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