Saturday, April 03, 2004

People's a gettin' MAD!

I have a feeling I have driven a few people to wrath with my post about walk-athons. However, if you are that upset about it, I assure you that you are taking me too seriously. Heck, even if you are only agitated, you are taking me too seriously.

I must say to my dear friend Beth - you are the first person I have ever heard who has made me look at it from a different angle.

My argument has been this: someone walking is not a logical motivator for me to give them money. I either want to give or I don't. I am not motivated to do it because someone is walking, or bowling, or whatever.

Beth's response has made me consider it this way: Perhaps the success of these things is not in motivating people to give, but in attracting people (namely, the walkers) to participate. You can't participate in a walk-athon without pledges, so the more people they get to walk, the more money they will make.

Now THAT makes sense to me.

Of course I have a whole new set of questions now, but maybe I better just leave it there.

Thanks, Beth!


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