Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Sporting News

Congratulations to the members and fans of the UConn men's basketball team, who defeated Georgia Tech to win the NCAA championships. Hoping the women will do the same against Tennessee. The pleasure that I gain from the victories of these teams is in knowing that it makes a lot of people I love very happy.

Alex Rodriguez is a Yankee. (This is old news, but I needed some kind of lead-in.) He will be playing third base this season, although he is, hands down, the best short stop in the American League, (and maybe in all the majors.) Remaining at short stop will be Derek Jeter... who has the same birthday as me.

A-Rod's position was left vacant when then third baseman Aaron Boone blew out his knee in a game of pickup basketball; an indulgence prohibited in his contract. Though he could have lied about how he sustained the injury, he chose to tell the truth and was subsequently let go by the Yankees (to the tune of about $5 million, which remained on his contract.) Imagine that, someone who will tell the truth at all costs. May he be richly rewarded for refusing to lie.

The first round of the Masters begins on Thursday. Though I seriously doubt he is reading this blog, I would like to wish Phil all the best as he attempts to win his first (elusive) major. (Though I wouldn't wish that green jacket on anybody.)



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