Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What I like about Helen

1. She is a faithful friend. She asks about the stuff that is going on in my life and she calls whenever she has gone too long without an update.
2. She knows how to be happy for other people.
3. She is wise.
4. She encourages people to get to know God better.
5. She teaches middle school. Anyone who teaches middle school should be cannonized.
6. Funny. Funny. Funny.
7. She gets sad when my son has been walking for two months and she hasn't gotten to see it yet.
8. She makes time for me. And she usually initiates our getting-together.
9. No frills.
10. Helen does this thing when she wants you to be quiet where she just points her finger and yells "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." Oh, wait... that is something I hate. And the next time she does it to me, I will probably deck her. :)
11. Helen can laugh at herself.
12. She does the right thing, even if it ain't so comfy.
13. She (and her husband Jeff) don't have every material possession in the world. And they aren't striving for them either.
14. Helen is smart.
15. Helen usually drives farther than me when we get together, but she has never complained about it.
16. She listens.
17. She loves the Jackson 5 and Mr. Potato Heads
18. Helen prays.
19. Helen was once a professional back-up singer.
20. Whenever I need someone who will just "understand," Helen is the person I go to.