Thursday, April 22, 2004

Little Things

*experiencing great frustration from the fact that there are a lot of things I want to be that I am not. feeling lazy and incompetent to accomplish them
*had a jam session with Ms. Boo today in which I played air guitar and she played air xylophone. best music i've heard in a while
*thinking about something big. can't say more, but pray if you think of it.
*goal: lose all 20 extra lbs from my two babies before I get pregnant again
*goal: read Bible daily
*desperate to see more examples of real christians who are not afraid to live life on the narrow road....there seem to be a pitiful few, and I count myself as part of the majority. I don't know why I want to SEE that in someone else so badly...well, I think I know's just that I rely on it too much when I should simply be relying on the Spirit to help me be an example instead of always searching for one. easier said than done.
*Paul ran the Boston marathon in 80+ degree heat. got dehydrated and needed an IV after he finished. thank you, God, for protecting him.
*wish: for Chris Boy to sing "hallelujahs" by Chris Rice for special music at church
*prediction: Andrea S. could win American Idol if she tried out.
*appreciation: for the fact that Rob B. is a man of his word. When he says "I'll do it" he will. And when he says "I won't do it" he won't. Wish everybody was like that.
*thinking about: Karissa. would like to chat with her again.
*need: to think a little less of myself. People don't need me as much as I think/wish they did. And they don't think about me as much as I convince myself they do
*Mr. Bug is climbing on everything
*wish: I had a Tears for Fears CD
*laugh: heard the end of the song "Bust a Move" the other day and was upset that I didn't get to hear it all....... In the city, ladies look pretty, guys tell jokes so they can seem witty..... not the most uplifting song in the world, but it reminds me of the past. I like that I can still rap the lyrics to several songs.... you all know "I'm dope on the floor and magic on the mic...." and I can "light up the stage, a wax chunk like a candle."

.....oh my.........



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