Sunday, April 11, 2004

And Now for Another Installment of "What I Like About"

What I like about Shelby

1. She is great at encouraging people
2. She knows how to ask the questions that get to the heart of what you are thinking
3. She listens
4. She doesn't consider herself above anyone
5. She can engage anyone in conversation (which is probably because of #s 1-4.)
6. Funny. She's stinkin' funny
7. Shelby is creative, artistic
8. She writes letters to me!
9. She has a great little giggle
10. She IMs with me*
11. I am pretty sure I could say just about anything to Shelby (and have) without fear of rejection
12. She dresses cool. Seriously, she has a style all her own and she wears it well.
13. Sometimes when she is talking, she will put her thumb on her chin while resting her index finger on her nose. It usually means she is being facetious.
14. She has been known to play with my hair, and I love that.
15. Shelby is one of my two "death-bed" friends. One of those people I'd want by my side if I were dying. I swear that if that really happens, there is an extremely high probability that I will literally die laughing.
16. Shelby was instrumental in me coming to know Christ.
17. She has great hair*
18. Shelby cares about social injustice enough to do something about it.
19. She is a faithful friend.
20. She is the world's most prolific user of the word "hilarious."

* I know these are repeats from the list about Maureen, but what can I say, I like some of the same things in different people!

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