Saturday, April 10, 2004

We took a family trip this week. We told Ms. Boo about it the day before we left because, as we suspected, she wanted to leave immediately. We told her we were going to the zoo (Cincinnati) and that we were going to a restaurant (which she loves,) and then she said, "are we going to the hotel?" (You have to hear her say "hotel." For some reason she can't say a long "o" when it is followed by a "t." Instead, she turns the long "o" into a short "e.") We told her we would stay at a hotel and she said "and we can eat breakfast at the hetel!" Oh, the little things that excite her. She started RUNNING ALL OVER THE HOUSE in utter excitement. It was so funny.

The plan was to leave on Weds, which was her birthday, so after we told her what we were doing, I hid one of her birthday presents in her room. It was a suitcase with the little wheels so you can pull it behind you. More running all over the house. She wanted to pack everything. The funny thing is that she often confuses "suitcase" with "bathing suit." So, I don't know if we packed her suitcase in her bathing suit or vice versa.

We left weds. and the zoo was fun. We didn't cover much ground but the kids really enjoyed it. Mr. Bug especially liked seeing the seals. We saw lots of turtles (which have become quite the legend in our home... but that is another story.) And we rode the little train that takes you around the children's zoo. Fun. After dinner at a restaurant, we went back to the hotel to swim. Mr. Bug was a HOOT. Just splashing and kicking and squealing with delight. It was way fun.

On Thursday, we had (an uneventful) breakfast at the hotel and, after a little more swimming, we went to the Newport Aquarium. More turtles. Lots of fish, which both of them loved. Boo got tired... it was close to nap time... and kept asking to see the whale. We told her there weren't any whales and she said, "Yes, up the stairs. I want to go upstairs." Sure enough, when we came up the stairs into the aquarium lobby, there was a huge, fake whale hanging there on the wall. She walked straight to it, looking up, and twirling her hair around her fingers the way she does. That was all she wanted. She was happy.

When we got home, Paul said to me, "I got you a gift. It is inside. I think you'll be able to find it pretty easily." I took one step in the house and said "Who was here?" Paul had hired someone to clean the whole house while we were gone.

I always hate coming home to a messy house, but it had more significance this time because we are hosting the Paul's side of the family for Easter on Sunday. I wasn't looking forward to spending the rest of the break cleaning. Since all the cleaning was done, I got to spend my time outside planting more flowers, and having a picnic at the park with the family! Also, WAY FUN!

The original Easter plans were for the family to go to Paul's parents' for dinner. But, we had to postpone Boo's birthday party a few weeks ago because Bug was so sick. (I was so upset about having to do that. There is so much going on in April that we had to "fit in" the party the first time. So, having to postpone and try to find another date made me feel a little like Boo was an afterthought. It isn't true, and I am over it now, but it really bummed me out when it first happened.) Needless to say, we are having Boo's party on Easter, so the family is coming here instead. I just hope that Boo doesn't expect an Easter egg hunt every year for her birthday!

In other news:
* I dropped a steak knife, point down, on my bare foot this morning. I don't recommend anyone try this. I think it is okay, but I'll have to monitor it.
* Phil is in 4th place going into the third round of the Masters. GO, PHIL!
* The pea plants have been transplanted to the back yard. We will be attempting tomatoes, peppers, cukes, and squash. Thinking about growing lettuce in pots too. We'll see. I planted some flower seeds directly in the garden yesterday... and really hoping they come up!
* Caught a snippet of the 9/11 hearings while we were on vacation. They seemed quite ridiculous to me.
* Had a great talk with Paul last night. We don't do that often enough. I love him.
* Can't wait to give Boo her bike tomorrow. She has been asking for one! She said she wanted green (her "favorite." I am skeptical of this, even though she tells me that a lot.) Then she said she wanted pink. I really acted excited when she mentioned that, since her bike is pink! Then she went back to green. Anyway, she came with me to the store when I bought her a helmet so I could be sure that it fit. And, of course, felt she needed to use it when we got home. All I know is, WHATEVER color that bike is, it will be nice to see her wearing the helmet on a REAL bike instead of that little "foot-push" plastic bike that she wears the helmet with now. It's quite a funny sight.
* The mole(s?) has now circled the entire house.

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