Friday, April 09, 2004


Last Thanksgiving during a weds. evening service, our music minister mentioned "counting your blessings." I have heard that phrase a million times, but I've never actually COUNTED my blessings. I went home that night and started counting. I was interrupted somewhere around 40, but have just recently gotten back to working on the list. It is getting to be quite long. I thought I would share a few entries here.

* a warm spring evening on the porch, rocking Mr. Bug to sleep
* Paul: never having the attitude that the money he earns is his
* Paul: who supports our family and makes it possible for me to stay home with my babes.
* the lady at Wal Mart who saved Ms. Boo from falling out of the cart while I wasn't looking
* the day when it is finally warm enough to open the windows... I love that smell
* spring days and a fenced-in back yard
* free flowers for my garden from my mom and mother-in-law
* cabinet latches
* nights out by myself with some coffee and my Bible
* having food "on my table" every night
* having a husband who doesn't mind that there isn't food on the table every night.
* my church
* my Sunday school class
* the preaching of Jedidiah Blake
* visits from Melissa B.
* the awesome snowman we made on 3/16
* hearing Ms. Boo say "awesome"
* that God doesn't require that I have it all figured out
* the Mercyme concert on 3/5
* Mr. Bug's safety for ??? days while his car seat was unbuckled
* salmon
* chemistry
* irises
* the visit w/ Shelby and Maureen on 2/21
* gardening
* chocolate
* watching Mr. Bug walk with his arms straight up in the air
* hearing Ms. Boo tell me what she is thinking
* Turkish food
* the free clothes for my children provided by my sister-in-law
* learning from experiences that hurt, and being able to help someone else because of them
* God loves me way more than I'll ever understand
* a free van
* Dr. E.
* Dr. H.
* chipmunks
* turtles
* spring break and a short, but fun, family vacation
* making things with my hands
* being able to write
* getting a surprise visit from a cleaning lady while we were away on vacation
* dollar stores
* God's patient teaching
* being around people who aren't like me
* making people laugh
* getting to watch "Trading Spaces"
* ice cream from Maggie Moo's
* giving someone a handmade quilt
* playing the "drawing game" with the kids in the nursery at church
* The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges
* insight from Maureen
* get-togethers with Helen
* wisdom from Linda
* encouragement from Shelby
* the back porch
* catching one of the quilting shows on PBS
* CBS golf coverage

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