Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I Always Feel Like

After looking at my blog over the last few days, I keep hearing the same song playing in the back of my head. It goes: "I always feel like somebody's watching me... ain't got no privacy." I think it was by Germaine Jackson. Anybody remember that one?

Anyway, I say that because I noticed the banner ads at the top of the page are all about Bible studies and stuff like that. It amazes me how they are able to collect information so easily now. Don't get me wrong, I know this blog is anything but private. I just think it is funny. I suppose I should be glad. The fact that ads of that nature are displayed must mean that "they" (it?) picked up on a theme.

I am tempted to randomly disperse the names of different gym equipment in my blog to see if I get ads for Moore's Fitness or something.

It has been raining a lot today. I like rain. I told that to someone once, and his response was, "what are you, a farmer?" No, but it reminds me of the end of Isaiah 55. And I like the end of Isaiah 55. (There we go, more Bible ads!)

Lots of ideas for future posts on my mind. Little time. Faithful readers (all three of you,) may comment as to which of the following you would like me to share next:
* my thoughts about irradiated beef
* explanation of "What I like about Shelby" #16 (see below)
* what parenting has taught me about God
* complaints about complainers (of whom I am chief, so this is not at all contradictory.)
* lessons I learned about God through teaching
* my pet peeves (TRUE pet peeves, not just stuff that would annoy anyone.)
* "What I like about my Sunday School class."
* the unusual acid/base properties of 1,2-bisdiphenylphospinomethane (mu)hydroxotetrafluoroborate (or not)
* my thoughts about the results of Preble Shawnee's latest school levy.
* my often unpopular and generally misunderstood thoughts about instilling a "love of reading" in my children.
* the top ten things that everybody should know about chemistry (according to ME, of course!)


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