Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Lord is good to me

Wednesday nights are a fun time for me. After the service at church, Ms. Boo stays in the nursery while Paul is at choir practice. She loves the nursery, Paul loves the choir, and I love my alone time with Mr. Bug.

Tonight we went to the local donut shop/dairy bar. Mr. Bug and I sat at the counter, eating donuts and having a grand old time. He was just so happy to eat a donut and drink water from a cup with a straw. He has been doing this thing lately when he eats... he takes a really fast bite of food while making a groaning noise. Like he is devouring it. It is seriously cute. Watching him eat his donut was a treat.

The added treat was that they guy behind the counter put an extra donut in the bag and didn't charge me for it!!!

After we were done eating, Bug was content just to walk around. I got him a little stuffed animal out of the vending machine. It was a hot-pink bunny. We kept ourselves amused with that thing for quite a while. He even made a snoring noise when I told him the bunny was sleeping.

Every so often I am reminded that life will not always be happy for my children. So, I just enjoyed the time tonight, watching my son be happy. I think I could've stayed there all night.

And, thank you, Lord, for this beautiful boy you have given me!

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