Sunday, August 08, 2004


... I want to eat chocolate ice cream with canned, crushed pineapple on top.
... I get mad at how insensitive people can be.
... I think that God couldn't have been any better to me than he has been.
... I think God doesn't know what He is doing.
... My mind goes into overload - everything means something and I can't wade through all the meaning.
... I wish I could find someone who was willing to listen.
... I think I could just smother my boy with kisses all day long and still not be satisfied.
... I wonder if my kids know how much I love them.
... I feel alone in a crowd.
... I wish certain people knew me better.
... I wish I knew me better.
... I want to drink V8 juice.
... I DO drink V8 juice. And then I think, why did I drink this? This stuff is nasty and it always has been.
... I have a flash of genius.
... I want to have deep conversation, and I get frustrated because no one else seems to be looking for it too. Okay, that frustrates me more than just sometimes.
... I want to e-mail all the people who send me forwarded messages and tell them what I really think about forwarded e-mails.
... I really want to talk about chemistry.
... I think that I am an utter failure.
... I think, I should really go to bed,

but then I ALWAYS stay up too late anyway.



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