Sunday, September 05, 2004

Bits and Pieces

What a great time we had tonight with Steve and Ami and their kids (a girl who is 3 and a boy who is 2!!!) We invited them to our favorite hangout. I met Ami at MOPS this past year and have been working with her on the newsletter. Our kids have met, but they wouldn't remember each other... I have been wanting to get together with them and we finally did! By the end of the night, Ms. Boo and K were walking around holding hands. So very cute. Mr. Bug and Z were mimicking one another... at one time they were both just lying there on the floor looking up at those who walked by. A good time was had by all.


The ladies that I am most often in touch with from my Witt years have a book club. I don't know if they have been doing it lately, but they were getting together once a month to discuss a new book. They have always invited me to participate. I have often wondered if I could get Helen (who loves to read) to fill me in on all the particulars, and then attend the discussion and see if I could fool everyone into believing that I read the book. Helen would probably crack up laughing before I got very far.


I am really wanting to live out my dream itinerary with Jenny, one of my roomies from my senior year, and a fellow chem major. Paul is okay with me going, now we just need to clear Jenny's schedule. I would just love to sit in on a few classes. Man, it's good stuff. I miss it. I think mostly I miss being able to talk about it. If I had studied literature, or history, or music, or just about anything else, I think people would show some degree of interest when I share ideas that interest me.... but alas, chemistry just doesn't make for good conversation.


Marketing. I think if I went back to school I would study marketing. I don't know why.


Ms. Boo was telling us one of her (made up) stories the other day. She actually used the words blah, blah, blah, complete with rolled eyes and nodding of head.


The inhabitants of Ohio have been enduring commercials for the 2004 election since about 1884. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, I get so tired of the commercials. Paul and I have both received absentee ballot applications. Apparently, the candidates have figured out that, in order to escape the deluge of commercials, thousands of Ohioans will be moving out of state until the election is over.


I need to stop staying up until such ridiculous hours of the morning.


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