Saturday, January 08, 2005

Something more interesting

is on the way soon. I promise. I am working on a much more cerebral post.

But, until it is done, the following will have to do.

My stats say that someone from Chappaqua, NY has been visiting my blog. It's Bill, I just know it. (As in Clinton... not my neighbor and fellow church member.) Great having you, Bill. Leave a comment some time!!!

I went to a HS girls b-ball game on Thursday night. It was at the school where I used to teach. I decided that it is a good thing I am not teaching anymore. One of my pet peeves is having hair on my forehead or in my eyes. So, I can't stand seeing people with hair in their eyes. It makes me think that they must be going crazy to have it there. Seeing it evokes an unnecessary urge in me to sweep hair out of my own eyes... kinda like when you clear your own throat when someone else's voice is garbley.

So, I am standing in line to get a candy bar at half time and I am looking around: all these kids have hair hanging down to their noses. And I am thinking, if I were still teaching, I would be handing out hairbands as my students came into class b/c I'd go crazy looking at them for any extended period of time.

I miss teaching like I miss assigned reading.

Anyway, Paul was working at the game, and he took the kids with him while he did some important stuff. So I sat in the gym enjoying the "alone" time while the varsity teams warmed up, which, at a high school game, can only be accomplished if there is really loud music playing. I was just sitting there, zoned out... when I heard it...

the lead-in on bass...

the two notes on the piano... and...

All right stop. Collaborate and listen...

It's Ice, Ice Baby... and I can't control myself. There I am tapping my feet (and trying, in vain, not to bob my head) when I realize that I am also lip syncing along with Vanilla. I would've busted out laughing at myself, but I didn't want to interrupt my performance as I was curious to see how much of the song I could remember.

I didn't do too bad. (Perhaps I too, am a lyrical poet.)

In other news, we have been laying down the law for the last three nights, trying to get Boo to go to bed without our assistance. She hasn't liked the process and has, understandably, been a bit frustrated with the new rules we are imposing.

Last night, while in bed, Boo decided to remove all the beads from a "candy-cane" that she'd made out of a pipe cleaner. In the dark, she lost the pipe cleaner and started crying. I went in and (firmly) stated that I would not look for it and that I would not be coming back in her room once I left. Being 3 1/2, she lacks the ability to just "forget about it" so she kept asking for me to find it. I kept telling her the same thing and made my way towards the door. Boo was so tired and so frustrated with my responses over these last few nights, that she put her hands up to her face and exclaimed, "you are so NUTS to me at night time!"

Hee hee!

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Blogger Luisa Perkins said...

The Ice, Ice Baby reminiscing made me practically choke on yet another piece of Cranberry Nut Upside Down Tart.

It shows the age difference between you and me that, when the bass and piano lead in, you think, "Ice," and I think, "Under Pressure," by David Bowie and Queen.

Wed Mar 07, 09:32:00 PM  

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