Friday, December 24, 2004

This and that

Well, it is Christmas Eve.

I called the adoption agency last week and they said they were hoping to get our dossier to China this week. They were waiting for the final paperwork from one other family... I assume they are still waiting, because we have not received word that our stuff has been sent. That bums me out. No one is working today and even the mail won't go tomorrow, so anything that they haven't received yet couldn't possibly be in to the agency until Tuesday. This pretty much rules out any hope of having Bao home by August. So, Paul will likely have to take leave from work without pay to go to China. Or, not go. Both options stink.

It is frustrating to have to wait for someone else to be done with their stuff, especially since ours has been done for three weeks. So much for setting goals for our completion date, b/c it really doesn't seem to have mattered.

But, so as not to get into a completely selfish funk about it, I have to think of how frustrating it must be for that other family to be waiting through holiday delays as well. Will remember to pray for them too.


Upon further reflection, I am recalling a few more details about good old Heather. But the memories are still foggy. Anyway, I think she GAVE me the cassette to "A Chorus Line" for my birthday, or something. And, I think the word we made up was "brevet." We used it as a verb to mean removing a wedgie. I do not know if either of these recollections are correct. Hopefully, Heather can advise.


Just a few minutes ago, I saw two woodpeckers and a cardinal in the tree in our neighbor's back yard. I have never seen a woodpecker, LIVE, so I got very excited and called Paul in to ask him what those birds were. He generally thinks I am silly to get so excited (as I always do) when I see cool animals just "doing their thing." But, he was very kind and shared my excitement with me by suggesting I open the window and listen to the "pecking." He even stood next to me while I tried to take a picture of the three birds (which will be completely unrecognizable after developing, I am sure.) I took the picture through the open window, and he said nothing about how cold it was or how much heat we were wasting. I think he is just getting used to the fact that his wife is a kook.


I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but lately, Ms. Boo has been asking some questions that I am completely unable to answer, including: What day will it be next week? And How do you spell R-N-E-L-O-C-F-D?


For those of you not living in the area, (or for those who are, but have been in a coma for the last 2 days) It has snowed a lot. About a foot at our house. It started snowing early Wednesday morning. We all went out and played a while. Mr. Bug was ready for his nap, so it was a short, fairly miserable experience for him. But the rest of us made a considerable "mess" of the pretty snow in the front yard.

It snowed nonstop all day and continued snowing at least until I went to bed at 2:30 on Thursday morning. By that time, the front yard gave absolutely no indication that anyone had played in it at all.

Of course the snow has kept us pretty well house-bound. Paul went to the grocery yesterday to get eggs and some stuff for our elderly neighbors. The roads were bad, but he made it. We also drove around the corner to see Bill and Cindy, and let the kids get out of the house for a while. Otherwise we spent the day inside making chocolate covered pretzels (a snack AND a craft, all at the same time. Boo was in heaven!) playing blocks, playing hide-and-go-seek, playing play-doh, reading (yes, I read,) and getting out a new game: Chutes and Ladders! A good time was had by all.

Very relaxing. Very fun.


Of course the kids played outside a while too. Paul decided to go shovel while the rest of us were still in our PJs. Boo, of course, wanted to go out with him. So, while Paul was shoveling, I got Boo all ready, (even had to brush her teeth) and sent her out. Next was Mr. Bug. After considerable difficulty getting his mittens to stay on, I sent him out. Then me. Tights, jeans, socks, undershirt, turtleneck, sweater, boots, scarf, hat, coat, oh... get the video camera qeued up... one glove... AND...

in come the kids. Boo - getting too cold, and Bug - getting too crabby. Seriously... I was one glove away from going out with them.

New rule in our house: Paul and I get the kids ready together, and we all go out at the same time.



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