Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Expectations , a silly kid, a turkey, and family

In certain situations, where the outcome or my preferences don't really matter too much, I have trained myself not to have expectations. It has been helpful to me in many situations because it frees me up to enjoy stuff. Not to mention the fact that I am disappointed a whole lot less when I go in with no expectations.

Recently, I found myself surprised at how disappointed I was with a certain situation. When I thought about it, I realized I had formed a lot of expectations (that were really meaningless) without even realizing it. I caught myself off guard. It takes a lot longer to adjust to things when I let that happen!

Does anyone else do that... consciously eliminating expectations in situations where they are unnecessary? Just curious.

Ms. Boo was putting together a nativity scene today that was made out of stickers. The little stable was just big enough to fit Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. But when she got to the animals, she wanted them in the stable too. I asked her why, and she said, "So they will be warm and cozy."

Of course when we got to the wise men, she repeated to me that they really didn't belong in the manger scene (and I thought she wasn't listening....) But, rather than leave them out, she put them on the roof... along with a spare donkey that just wouldn't fit anywhere else. She was also distressed that one of the camels seemed to be lacking a tail. So, she made a new tail out of the white scraps left behind after peeling off all the stickers.

If we had enough memory on the computer to support the program, I would post a picture of her creation. But, alas, my description will just have to suffice.

I made a turkey today for the holiday banquet at church. When Paul came home, I had already carved the turkey and started to make stock from the stuff left over. He was home about a half hour when the "turkiness" in the air actually gave him a cough and a runny nose (an allergic reaction.) His cough was so bad that he had to go to the neighbor's house until it was time to go to church! How crazy is that?

Tonight, the whole family piled into our bed and had a little silly time. We pretended to sleep... Mr. Bug does a great "snore." When he finished "sleeping," he started diving from one end of the bed to the other. He clocked his head on the headboard once. But this did not deter him. He kept diving and, had it not been for a smooth save by Paul, he would've hit his head again.

Boo kept getting up saying "I'm the mommy." Then she would walk out of the room and close the door, adding, "I have to get some work done." Then she would come back in and pass out "snugglers" and stuffed animals to everyone.

The end.



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