Friday, December 10, 2004

Today while Mr. Bug was playing with some play-doh, he "asked" for his daddy. "He's not here," I told him. Bug looked at me and said, "at work."

It amazes me that he said about 4 new words just today! The funniest was when he wanted a snack. He walked up to me and tried so hard to make the "sn" sound. He mutilated the word. But after a few attempts, he just kept repeating the part he could say... the "k".... so now "snack" is simply "k, k, k!"

This evening he said "window," as he pointed to a window. Apparently he wanted to see a bird, because he kept saying that too.

I tried to get him to say "flamingo." All he could manage was "mingo."

He has also taken to saying a version of "here you go" when he hands something to someone. So, he will give Ms. Boo a toy and say "go, Boo!"

My son is the best.



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