Monday, December 20, 2004


was the day of sickness at our house. Mr. Bug has been sick since last Tuesday with a fever. His temp was below normal tonight, so perhaps he is finished. But Ms. Boo came down with the fever on Saturday, followed by me yesterday. Paul stayed home from work today to help me out and I think he had a fever too. Of course he said he didn't, but he figures you only have a fever if the thermometer says so. So, he just doesn't take his temperature, and then he can say he doesn't have a fever.

Anyway, we were about the sorriest looking lot of folks today. Pillows and blankets everywhere to accomodate our frequent naps. No cleaning up whatsoever. All of us in our jammies all day long.

So, you can imagine our reluctance to open the door when 3 of the folks from our Sunday school class came over carolling in front of our house. We were supposed to be carolling with them, but obviously we bowed out. They came in and visited for a while. It was nice to see some new faces. Bug, who has got to have major cabin fever, was ecstatic. And, since the group was comprised of at least two of Boo's most favorite people in the world, she was off the wall.

I got a Christmas card from my best friend in high school. It was so great to hear from her... we haven't talked since before I got married. More on Heather in another post.

A conversation that I had with Boo today went like this:

Boo: Mom, I have a yellow pony tail [holder] with flowers on it that can be an earring.
Me: (spotting said holder around her wrist, I point to it) You mean this one?
Boo: Yeah!
Me: it's an earring?
Boo: yeah, look. (puts the holder on her ear)
Me: Well, look at that!
Boo: I CAN'T, MOM! See, (turns her head toward the holder-laden ear) when I turn my head, it doesn't work!

A conversation that Paul had with Boo today went like this:

Paul at the computer, Boo on his lap. Boo sees a guy in a banner ad:
Boo: (pointing to the ad) is that John Kerry?
P: No. Do you know who John Kerry is?
Boo: he is the guy with a lot of hair.

So, we were all sick today, but at least there were some smiles.

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