Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Memories

Last night was Christmas tree night.

We took the kids to get a tree in the freezing cold. I never care much what the tree looks like, so as far as I was concerned, the trip could've lasted all of five minutes. But, we walked around a bit so Boo would feel like she was "shopping," and so she could have fun wandering through the trees. We don't have much room in the house for a tree, so I picked one that looked skinny... and was also close to the car. I asked Boo, "is this one good?" Of course, she nodded that it was. We could've brought home the Charlie Brown tree and she wouldn't have cared a bit.

So we tied it on the car and drove home. Once we moved a few pieces of furniture, Paul went out to get the tree. He brought the tree in to a chorus of "the tree is coming in the house! the tree is coming in the house!" shouted over and over by Boo.

With the tree in the stand, I started putting the lights on. Paul wryly asked, "Aren't you going to test them first." This was a humorous reference to a day, about two weeks ago, when I asked Paul the same question. He was going to put the icicle lights on the house. We bought said lights the first year we were married, because I like how they looked. However, when I saw how they looked on all the other one-story houses in our neighborhood, I decided that I preferred the look of a single strand better. For whatever reason, Paul decided this was the icicles' year, so when he got them out, I suggested that he check them before he put them up. He decided to forego the test, and hung the lights anyway, then went back over the whole setup to pull the slack out and reposition them.

Needless to say that when I plugged them in, 2 of the 5 strands didn't light. I handed him the extra fuses and bulbs. Atop his ladder, he tried to fix the lights, but after being outside for about 2 hours, he decided he'd had enough and took them all down. We still don't have any lights on the house. (Which is fine with me, but it was a great waste of time for him.)


Bug took more interest in the boxes that the ornaments came in than he did in the actual tree. He kept banging on one box, like a drum. And just in case we were unsure about what he was doing, he kept us informed by yelling "bang! bang! bang!" (This is the same child who, as I type this, is running around with a bag over his head, roaring like a lion.)

Everyone was quite delighted with our tree-trimming efforts. Boo enjoyed looking at the lighted tree with the living room lights off. Bug points to an ornament now and then, says "wow," then runs off to find one of those boxes. Paul and I were pleased that we got the whole thing done in a few short hours. Of course hanging out with the family was the best part. And, though we don't need a tree to do that, this opportunity made for easy entertainment.

I guess it was a success. Maybe we'll try it again next year.



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