Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am...

A cynic. A pessimist. A critic.

Sometimes, and all around crab.

In two of my recent posts, I threatened to beat my readers with a book, and to shove an adoption decree down the throat of an unsuspecting clerk at the Social Security office (though, not in so many words.)

So kind. So, so, kind, I am.

Those words, though I was just joking when I said them, have been coming to mind lately. They really aren't so funny. And I bet everyone knew I was joking, but they just weren't funny.

Coarse joking... my forte... but not exactly the hallmark of a Spirit-filled believer.

And the fact that I so easily complain about the TRIALS (sufferings - injustices really) of dealing with the social security office completely negates the genuine thankfulness my heart felt on my last trip to that office.

I do like to be funny. But sometimes, I think I want to be funny more than I want to be content.




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