Tuesday, November 07, 2006

That's JUST like a mom

Lainee has been on this kick recently in which she wants to be and mom. She wants to do all things mommy. So, a few weeks ago, just as I was saying goodnight to her, she said, "Mom, I want to put away all the toys tomorrow. And sweep the kitchen floor. And mop."

With a raised eyebrow and a sideways glance, I just said, "okay."

"Can you write those down?" she asked, "I don't want to forget."

Again, me: "okay."

I left the room and I wrote them down. Pick up toys. Sweep floor. Mop.

Several minutes later, I had to go back into the room. Before leaving, she added to the list. "Mom, I also want to fold the laundry and do the dishes and dust and vacuum [and, and, and...]" She instructed me to write all of these down too.

I did not.

The next day I reminded her of all the things she wanted to do. And she got to work at a few of them. She completed one or two, saying, "you know why I am doing this, don't you?"


"Because I want to be a mommy."


That night at dinner, she told Paul "I was being a mommy today," to which Paul replied, "yeah? What did you do?"

The very first words out of her mouth were, "Well, I didn't get done everything I wanted to do, but...."

"You did it, Lainee," I interrupted. "That's EXACTLY what mommies do."

So, in honor of motherhood, I would now like to list for you the projects that are on my list; the things I would like to do, but never seem to get to.

1. Finish my watercolor quilt.

2. Start that awesome blue and yellow quilt.

3. Finish Bethany's Christmas stocking... which has been sitting around since last year.

4. Get some video of the kids before they become teenagers.

5. Finish the baby blanket I started crocheting. (I just pulled about 15 rows out because I realized I made a mistake. If I had the digital camera, I would take a picture so you could see the disgustingly large pile of yarn that has been removed.) I don't have anyone to give it to, but maybe I will some day.

6. Finish two scrap albums for the two newest babies (one born last week, one to be born this week) at church.

7. Go shopping for a decent pair of pants.

8. Read those last two books.

9. Figure out some lesson plans that play better to Lainee's interests and personality.

10. Focus on more learning time with Jonathan.

11. Finish piecing a rail fence quilt.

12. Try my hand a crocheting a wrap.

13. Learn to play the piano.

14. Finish Bethany's life book.

15. File all the papers for Bethany's birth certificate and change of name on her certificate of citizenship.

Some day, I suppose, all these things will get done. That or I'll decide they are no longer that big of a deal to me. But for now, I just feel like I have too much stuff I want to do, and not enough time to do it.


Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Isn't that the truth!!
I tried to do this "project a day" thing in October, I think I may have actually done three things on my list...sigh...

Wed Nov 08, 12:41:00 AM  
Blogger Shalee said...

I think Lainee just gave you the highest compliment a mom could ever hope to receive. Now admit it, didn't it make you feel special that she wanted to be what you are?

Wed Nov 08, 03:07:00 PM  
Blogger ShaggaBear said...

Abby's always wanting to be "Mommy" too. She instructs me to call her "Mommy" and she says things like "yes, dear" and "I'm going to a meeting. You stay with Nana and Papa." She hasn't gotten to the stage of doing the house work yet. Can't wait for that!

I have lots on my TO DO list as well. Guess I need to ignore this blogging thing to get some of them done. Hmmmm.

PS. I enjoy reading your other blog, too. :)

Thu Nov 09, 12:06:00 AM  

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