Saturday, September 11, 2004

Fruity and fruitless... all at the same time

I am a fruitcake. (Without the rum(?) because I'm a Baptist... and eveybody knows a Baptist fruitcake can't contain rum.)

Lately, the fact that I am a fruitcake keeps making its way to the forefront of my mind.

I saw some women from MOPS leadership on Wednesday. They asked me if I was "ready." Meaning, was I ready for the talk that I am giving at the MOPS meeting on Sept. 21. My response was, "I'm ready... but the question is are YOU?" Because, of course, I am a fruitcake.

I suppose it is appropriate that I am fruity since the topic of this talk is the fruit of the Spirit. Hopefully the women in the audience will accept "fruity" in place of "fruitful" because I think I am way more of the former than the latter.

Just today I was watching E's (also a MOPS mom) kids for a few hours and she brought over a basket of fruit for the kids to snack on. When she left, I tried to give her the basket to take home, but she refused... adding "You are the fruit of the Spirit woman, after all."


Let me tell you about the time I dumped an entire box of KIX into Ms. Boo's cereal bowl. She wanted more than I had given her and wouldn't stop whining for more. My loving, patient, kind, joyful, peaceful, good, gentle, and self-controlled comment was "THERE. How's that for more?"

She cried.

Don't misunderstand... I don't feel worried or any less worthy than anybody else. I just think it is funny that I get to speak about this topic. Let's just say I have spent a lot of time studying.

Then there is the monthly article for the newsletter. I was just working on the most recent one, which is supposed to be about self-control... and all I can think of is how much I want to eat some donuts... despite the fact that I'm not hungry. Suffice to say that so far, my article is pretty much just me talking out my behind.

I'm a fruitless wonder.... More studying required.

I can't even escape to the shower. One look at the shelf, which holds strawberry shampoo, apple conditioner, raspberry smoothie shaving cream, melon body wash, and both pear AND tangerine shower gels, and I'm laughing at how ridiculous it all is...

that God would use a fruitless, (rumless) fruitcake to teach about fruit.

Yeah, I am way excited about it.

(And, just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who finds the idea of shaving with a raspberry smoothie appealing?)


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