Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Thank you all...

for participating in the latest unofficial poll. Again, I am in the minority.

I think there is only one fruit of the Spirit (and so do some others who are much more edumacated than I, by the way.) Here is why...

1. Galatians 5:22,23 reads "the fruit of the Spirit is" NOT "the fruits of the Spirit are." I looked in the Greek at the verb "is." It is translated "are" in other places, so my interpretation may be called into question. BUT, I don't think it is a far fetch to say "the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience..." just like you would say "the fruit of the peach tress is pit, flesh, and skin."

2. Although the Bible translators, who know more Greek than I do, translated it "is" and not "are" (and Vine's Expository Dictionary agrees by the way...) I thought I might try to interpret Gal 5:22,23 by comparing to other scripture. I think my one-fruit belief is confirmed in Ephesians 5:9 which says, "the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth." This is a much broader description than that given in Galatians. It encompasses much more.

3. I liked my mom's thought that there are infinite numbers of fruits. But, after mulling that over a while, I settled back down to my first conclusion. Mostly, I think this because I think God, and the fruit of him working in us, is much bigger than the little pieces that we like to label. Those are pieces, but the whole is much greater.

Anyway, this isn't interpretation that is earth-shattering, but I do think it changes my perspective on the fruit, how it is worked out in me, how I should pray, and how I perceive God.

So, now that I have just expounded upon the fruit of the Spirit, I invite your comments.

And, I do have one more question. In the scripture that says "be fruitful and multiply" (I'm in a rush and I don't have the reference right now) what do "fruitful" and "multiply" mean? Are they meant to be repetitive, as in being fruitful and multiplying are somewhat synonomous. OR are they different things? Does "fruitful" mean displaying the fruits of the Spirit? And does "multiply" mean PHYSICAL multiplication or SPIRITUAL? I am curious if there is any example of a command in the Bible that God gives which some people are NOT able to keep. (As in, if "multiply" means physical multiplication, then infertile folks cannot obey that command.) I haven't looked into any of this yet. (okay, that wasn't one question.)

So fire away.

We are off to the immigration office to get our fingerprints done. Yee haa!


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