Monday, September 13, 2004

Now You're Talking

Well, after my whining about wanting people to ask what I think, I cannot let the comment from my big sister (see previous post) go unanswered. The funny aside to this story is that I didn't know who "favorite sister" was when I read the comment. I thought it was my younger one. At different times they have both referred to themselves as the "favorite," and sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight. I, of course, will never divulge who my true favorite is :)

But to answer fav's questions, there are many things, specifically, that prompted me to write that post. Not all of them are worth mentioning here and, as the title may have hinted, I don't think I can describe all of it either. (I'm still processing.) But, here's what I can say, so far.

Stuff that really matters, but is difficult to achieve:
1. living in grace
2. extending grace
3. loving the unlovely
4. not reducing God's Word to.... (still working on the wording here)... rules? cheap grace? easy-believism?
5. living like it's not about me - being selfless and sacrificial with my time, my talents, my finances
6. raising kids who live like it's not about them
7. forgiving
8. not relying on programs and managerial creativity to accomplish outreach
9. letting God into every facet of my life

and, there is a lot more... but I just can't quite put my finger on it right now.

I must give credit to Maureen at this point, because I am sure that some part of my list has been plagiarized from her. Maureen is great at getting my mind going and inspires and challenges me in a lot of this. She is also fantastic at verbalizing these kinds of things. (Basically I am just one of her groupies, so if you want some real meat, you might go check out her blog.)

And, fav, thanks for asking.


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