Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Had Surgery Tonight

I was actually supposed to have it last Wednesday, but it was re-scheduled, due to illness. The funny thing is, it was on my calendar for a few months. But, before I even flipped the calendar to September, I saw it there and I thought, who has surgery? Why didn't I write down any details? I don't know who, I don't know where, I don't know why.

So I wracked my brain for a few hours. But I could not remember who had surgery. Then I forgot about it.

About a week later I received a reminder in the mail from church. Apparently I was scheduled for nursery that night. I made a mental note, though I had completely forgotten about the surgery.

Paul and I were doing some long-range planning when we finally flipped the calendar. "Surgery?" he said, when he saw it. "Who has surgery?"

Oh my GOSH! I just started laughing. "Um, I think I do. Only it's nursery, not surgery." Then I had this vague recollection of standing at the calendar, distracted by something going on with the kids, and trying to think of the word (nursery) that I was trying to write down. Apparently I wasn't paying much attention, because "surgery" is what came out.

But Bug was sick last week, and we weren't able to go to church. So, I had "surgery" tonight.



Anonymous mom said...

there is definitely a genetic influenza here.

Thu Sep 22, 05:55:00 AM  

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