Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stuff I've been up to (and how I feel about it.)

- Made Bao's "snugglers." (hopeful, excited)

- Went to Bible study today. Without my Bible. (scatterbrained)

- Ordered a blizzard at Dairy Queen that was officially represented as an Oreo Blizzard, only to find out that the cookies were not the real thing. (betrayed... then full.)

- Rediscovering my love of toast. (happy!)

- Called the agency to try to get more info. (informed)

- Washed the first load of Bao's clothes. (bored)

- Working on the blanket that I will donate to the orphanage. (productive)

- Lost a paper RE: Bao that had sentimental value. (bummed)

- Reading "Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger." (challenged)

- Shared a homemade fruit smoothie with the kids. (satisfied)

- Transplanted some stuff in the "garden." (glad)

- IMing with Shelby. (thankful, happy)

- Planning a meal of chicken-on-the-bone for this evening. (greatly anticipating!)


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