Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just to clarify

The news from the agency today (in the previous post) is disappointing on all fronts - the most important of which is that it means a longer wait to be with Bao.

But, in terms of the trade fair, it is also very disappointing. From what I have heard, the last place on earth anyone wants to be is in Guangzhou during the trade fair. Extremely crowded. (And I think "extremely" is an understatemnt.) Most folks do a good deal of shopping for authentic Chinese merchandise at a huge market in Guangzhou. Normally I would just forego the shopping altogether, but we really want to purchase some gifts for Bao while we are actually in China. And the trade fair weeks are about the worst times to attempt shopping.

Additionally, it is disappointing not to stay at the White Swan. They have a medical clinic at that hotel and, frankly, I like that idea....

Of course, upon further reflection, I don't really know if getting an appointment for the 12th or 13th would even work out. We'd need to have Bao's Chinese passport by then, and if government offices are closed the week prior, getting one is probably not possible.

So pray whatever you want, I guess. I have no idea what outcome to even hope for.



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