Friday, September 09, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

The chicken-on-the-bone night was lovely. We had steamed broccoli with it, and an all time favorite guilty pleasure - Lipton noodles.

Lipton noodles are not even close to being a regular treat around here. I don't know why - where else can a person get a full day's supply of sodium in just one serving? But anyway, thanks to their nutritional value, they aren't a favorite of mine so to speak. I try not to buy major processed stuff - Hamburger helper, Rice A Roni, frozen meals, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, etc. And those examples are pretty easy for me to stay away from. While I don't hate them, I don't miss them either.

But the Lipton noodles are a different story. I just have a soft spot for those. I haven't bought any in probably two years - seriously - but they were on sale AND I had a coupon. So, I bought three packages because 1) it's nice to have an easy side dish to throw on at the last minute, and 2) I LIKE THEM!

So, although the chicken didn't turn out great, the noodles were super. And my kids loved them too (as well as the broccoli and chicken-on-the-bone. So there were actually a few minutes of peace at dinner. Small miracle.)

Anyway, all this reminded me of a post I read recently over at grrlTravels, which discusses the (edible) guilty pleasures we all like to indulge in once in a while. When I read the post, I could only think of one guilty pleasure. Tonight, I was reminded of a second - my beloved Lipton noodles.

What was the first one, you ask?

Chocolate frosting. Like, right out of the plastic tub.

And, since I'd already gone overboard with the Lipton noodles, I decided some frosting would be just the thing to finish off the evening. I ate three spoonfuls. It's a rare treat, believe me, but man was it ever tasty.

So now, I will open it up to you all with a long overdue official poll:
What do you eat that you'd consider a guilty pleasure?


Blogger Robin said...


Love your blog. You and I were both teachers. Just another thing we have in common. althoug you couldn't have paid me a million me to teach high school. Looking forward to reading your stuff!

Fri Sep 09, 03:53:00 PM  
Anonymous favorite sister said...

I too avoid the processed stuff but think I am more restrictive than you. I avoid food items with articificial ingredients or modified items that can be unhealthy. My latest kick is hydrogenated oils. And I've recenlty switched to organic milk. I'll let you know if I stay with that.

So, with that said, my occasional indulgences are Milano cookies, supermarket lemon merengue pie, and ice cream novelties.

Sat Sep 10, 06:51:00 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

My guilty pleasure is butter; I LOVE it but shouldn't have it ever because of things called low-density lipoproteins. Nothing else to spread on bread or melt over steamed broccoli can ever compare.

Sat Sep 10, 08:21:00 PM  
Anonymous favorite sister said...

Ooh. And cheesing your own noodles is super, super easy. Warm cream just 'til you see bubbles around the edges of the pan and add shredded cheese one handful at a time. Any cheese -- even cheddar -- and it melts sooooo nicely. Parm makes it alfredo. You can't use milk, you need the fat for it to work. Light cream is good, haven't tried half and half.

Sun Sep 11, 03:00:00 PM  
Blogger stilhoping12 said...

I think I'm going into hypoglycemic shock just reading about the icing. I'm the type of person that eats the cake and not the icing. You should sit next to me at birthday parties.

As for guilty it bad that I don't feel guilty about anything I eat? Not because I eat healthy (oh boy no!) but because I just don't feel guilty. Its a blessing and a curse.

Mon Sep 26, 07:03:00 PM  

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