Friday, September 23, 2005

Various and Sundry

- I met the goal of getting the sink cleaned out and have managed to keep it clear (though not SHINEY. My apologies to the Fly Lady.) I also cleared/cleaned the counters and stove top. I still have a bunch of stuff to do in the kitchen, but I have reached maintenance mode in the bathroom, living room, and kids' room. Still to clean are the family room (started decluttering that today,) my room, and the nursery, as well as the rest of the kitchen. And, though the dirty laundry pile is dwindling, the CLEAN laundry pile is HUGE.

But some things are getting done. AND, I have spent some good time with the kids every day since my last post about this.

I must say, I am beginning to feel a little bit like one does after building a huge house of cards. You know how they hold their arms out to keep everyone at bay and say, "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING." Maybe not that bad, but I really don't want stuff getting messed up again - which is unrealistic, I know.

And I am beginning to manifest some of those qualities I see in the neat freaks I know, where they are always wiping counters or rearranging things. The constant movement always impresses me as some sort of nervous twitchiness. No me gusta.

- Plans for China:
arrive in KunMing on October 8. Begin adoption process on October 10. Fly to Guangzhou on Friday, October 14. Bethany's medical exam on October 15. Consulate appointment October 17 at 10:30 am. Leave China on morning of October 19.

- Plans for tonight:
Camping with the family. Until now, all of our camping has been confined to the back yard. Tonight we are going to a campground and we will even cook dinner and breakfast there. Boo is stoked. But we aren't fully packed, and Paul is now home.

I must away. Have a good weekend, peeps.

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Blogger Robin said...

Good job on that sink! I always feel better when the sink is empty and bed is made even if every thing else looks like a tornado has blown through.

Have a great time camping. I don't even want to camp in the backyard. Too addicted to white noise I suppose.

Lastly, I tried to add you to my automatice site feed on bloglines, but apparently you have something turned off and I can't. I have no idea how to fix it, but thought you should know!

Fri Sep 23, 05:50:00 PM  
Blogger Patti said...

"stoked" and "peeps" huh? Suddenly you're a surfer? A Gangsta? A Nut ball!

But whatever I just like busting you. Sorry.

Sat Sep 24, 01:59:00 AM  

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