Saturday, October 29, 2005

Is it weird...

That I eat leftover roast right out of the refrigerator.

For breakfast.

Well, I have one or two ideas for things I can post about, but don't have the inclination to do it right now. Things with Ms. Bao have been good, I think. She has a crabby period right before she needs to sleep. It gets pretty bad b/c I think she is fighting the sleep. And I still can't figure out any sort of schedule for her... I am not into "putting" kids on a schedule, but I did try to get her to eat something like breakfast this morning. She wasn't interested, thank you.

Bao is doing well with the kids. She plays great when they are around, as long as they aren't in her face, all over her. And she seems to be attaching to me and Paul, which I am thrilled about. Right now it means holding her and just being around her a lot. That will exhaust me at some point, but for now, I am just trying to give her what she wants.

She is sleeping great through the night, getting up once to eat. I have no idea when she woke up this morning. I woke up to sounds of her happily chatting in her crib. She seemed glad to see me when I came in.

She is still very uninterested in strangers, particularly a large group of them. People always want to touch her face or hold her hand, neither of which she likes. (She lets me touch her face when I am snuggling with her, and she will lay her cheek against mine, but she still pushes my hand away when I try to hold it.) We've been out to church and that's about it, which is where the problem comes in. At church everyone knows us and wants to see her, so they get in her face and talk to her like they are expecting her to respond. She just turns toward me whenever that happens. The ladies at Bible study were understanding and, quite literally, backed off. But when we go out around lots of people where she can just observe, she's all about that. She likes to look around and hear people having conversation, etc.

Mom and Dad left yesterday and should be home some time today. It was nice having them around. They took Boo and Bug out to do a bunch of things, which they obviously enjoyed.

So now, it's just us. Things are manageable so far. We went to get some groceries last night and look around at an electronics store. Bao isn't too fond of the carseat, but in every other way things went fairly smoothly.

Man, three kids. It's a totally different dynamic that will take some getting used to.

We're getting there.


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