Monday, March 27, 2006

Thank you all

Thank you all for the encouraging and uplifting responses, both public and private, to my last post. I want to assure you all that I am doing very well and in fact I think I am coming out of the depression that I spoke of. I was never, thankfully, unable to function, but there were some very low lows of anxiety, fear, restlessness, and hopelessness. God has been good in bringing healing and I am enjoying the newness that he's bringing to my life.

I have been working on a VERY long post about this and other things. I think you will really enjoy it. Hopefully it will be up tonight or tomorrow, so check back... and bring your cup of coffee when you do.

But right now I have a crying baby to tend to, so I must away!

Thanks again.


Anonymous mom a said...

I wish I had your grasp of what takes priority when I was your age (and even younger). I think the only thing that allowed me to keep my head above the waves was that I had no car (until you were half way through first grade). I was either pushing you and Krista in the stroller or pulling you in the wagon. I walked to college classes and my clinical sites. Today, therapists tell us exercise is an impotant part of overcoming depression; back then, I didn't even know I was depressed, but I did get my exercise.
When I read your blog, I can feel what you're writing about.
I love you!!!!

Tue Mar 28, 01:07:00 PM  

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