Thursday, May 27, 2004

Last Saturday

I came home last Saturday and Paul, referring to a car that was parked in front of our house, asked me, "What's with this car?" I had no idea. I didn't even know why he was asking, so I said, "why?" Well, the back bumper had been hit and the debris was still there beside the car. We just shrugged our shoulders, because neither of us knew what had happened.

On Tuesday night we were all sitting out in the front yard, when our neighbor approached us. He chatted with Paul... and because I couldn't hear him very well, I had to ask Paul to fill me in. Apparently the car belonged to our neighbor's son-in-law. While he was visiting, the kids who live across the street (the oldest of whom is six) got into their car and managed to put it in reverse or neutral. They rolled the car right out of their driveway and into the parked car!

If the (parked) car had not been there, the kids could have easily rolled their car directly into our front yard. I am so thankful that my children were not in the way of that car!

I think there are tons of "near-misses" in our lives that we will never know about. And we may doubt that God is caring for us because we don't always see what he saves us from. Well, let this be evidence to the contrary! I think this is a reminder that God IS taking care of us!


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