Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Brownies, bugs, and babies

Here is how you know that your mate is your perfect match:
1. You BOTH like brownies - but he likes the middle ones and you like the corners.
2. Since you got married, you have grown several gray hairs. Just to make you feel better, he has lost a bunch of his.
3. You are always losing your glasses. He always seems to know where they are.
4. Potato chips: He likes the big ones and you like the little pieces.

One thing that I love about Ms. Boo is that she is always saying "thank you," without being prompted. Today, after she told me "thank you" for getting her a napkin, I said "you are very good at saying 'thank you!'" To which she replied.... "thank you."

I am totally aware that cicadas are harmless to humans. But, whenever they fly near me (especially when they are making that screeching sound) it absolutely freaks me out. I keep telling myself that next time I will remain calm, but I just can't seem to do it. Gross, gross, gross.

Actual quote: "I'm missing the hair to Betsy Ross."
This stuff is seriously out of hand. (Click on "Graveyard.")

Mr. Bug loves this book called "So Big," which features Elmo. I read it to him every time I put him to bed. He just giggles! When Elmo plays peekaboo, Bug puts his hands over his eyes. When Elmo touches his toes or waves, Bug does it too. When Elmo pops up on the last page, Bug tries to hug him. My son is precious!

Unofficial poll: Lightning bugs or fire flies?



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