Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Worst Case Scenario

It seems like I know a lot of people who, when I tell them about something going on in my life, want to tell me the worst possible story they can think of to try to "relate" to it. It's like saying "here... let me help you worry about that a little more." Or is it just that they want to act like they know more than I do about the situation?

Either way, I don't know how to respond to people when they do that. I want to do it politely, but I always come off sounding rude. Maybe this is a pride thing, and I just need to swallow mine and listen without saying anything. Whatever I am supposed to do, I find that most of the time I just want people to listen when I share the "big" stuff and try to relate to ME instead of the SITUATION. I must say, Shelby, Maureen, and Helen are, by far, the best at that for me. I love them MUCHO!

O course, they are not always around. And, when that happens, I find that these little incidents make me feel lonely. It's good that they are not always around, because God wants me to rely on him at these times (and even when my friends ARE around...) I am glad God gets me, because I don't know what I would do with myself if he didn't. I can tell him about the exact same situation, and He doesn't patronize me: acting like He knows more and telling me a bunch of facts that I already knew. He cares about how I feel. He knows exactly what I need at that time. He encourages me. He cares less about the situation and more about how I'm dealing with it. I love him MUCHO MAS!



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