Tuesday, June 08, 2004


My all-time favorite TV shows:
1. LA Law
2. A Year in the Life (anyone remember that one?)
3. Studs (for reasons other than content... those were some fun times: every night after dinner with the girls in the Hanley lounge watching that awful show... YIIIIKERS!)
4. The Magic Garden

What I might do with $50 that I found on the street:
1. start a new quilt
2. go to Cafe Istanbul for dinner
3. buy something to decorate the house

The most interesting places I have been:
1. Baku and Sheki, Azerbaijan
2. Safronbolu, Turkey (maybe I'll figure out how to post pictures.)
3. Frankfurt, Germany. It was only a day, but it was fun!

Times when I've felt most loved:
1. When nonmembers of the chemistry department came to hear my senior seminar. (Thanks, ladies!)
2. For my birthday in 1998, the team I was with in Azerbaijan took turns saying what they appreciated about me. I hadn't even been around them for two weeks yet and they were remarkably good at giving specific positive comments.
3. When Melissa and Andrea came and surprised me for my birthday last year. Paul left town that day and I was alone with the kids. They came over and hung out with me all night!
4. When my friends threw a surprise birthday party for me (three months after my birthday) in 1992.

People I've lost touch with and would like to find again:
1. Alicia C.: a friend from the Baku trip
2. Heather S.: my best friend from high school
3. Jenny (Marsilio) Bates: my best friend from grade school

"Pet Peeves:"
1. touching metal when it is wet
2. when someone in the same room is reading the newpaper or on the computer and says "huh!" or laughs, then doesn't tell you what they were reacting to.

Interesting/odd things I have done:
1. Took a hot-air balloon ride
2. Studied Solid State NMR at Penn State in the summer of '94
3. Went on a mission with my high school buddies to steal street signs.
4. Playing pool one night at a pool hall in downtown Springfield. (That might have just been dumb...)
5. Managed my high school wrestling team for 3 years. (and got a varsity letter for it!!!!!)

Things I would like to do:
1. See Cirque du Soleil
2. travel abroad - anywhere that isn't touristy.
3. read Boltzmann's Atom (one of these days)
4. *something specific* (to be revealed at a later date)

Favorite Books:
1. In Search of Schroedinger's Cat (because it blows my puny little mind... still in the process of reading this one!)
2. The Bible
3. Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman
4. Celebration of Discipline

Okay, that is enough for now. Hope you enjoyed that. I did!



Blogger Noodle said...

"*something specific* (to be revealed at a later date)"

Talk about leaving people hanging! :D Did you ever reveal that specific?

Mon Mar 10, 09:07:00 AM  

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