Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Realistic Creature of Habit

I relocated our silverware to a new drawer last May. I still get confused every time I want to find some silverware.

I made a SWEET peach pie yesterday. (And I mean sweet in every sense of the word.)

I have been a realist ever since I was a kid. My older sister, who could play Barbies for hours, always got mad at me after I quit after a few minutes. Pretending just wasn't my thing. When I was in kindegarten I had my first experience with those oversized cardboard "bricks." A bunch of the kids wanted to build a house. I was all for it. They all started laying out the rooms and I told them they needed to stop making so many rooms or we wouldn't have enough bricks to build the walls. They explained that the walls would only be one brick high. I quit playing. I thought it was the stupidest house I'd ever seen.

Mr. Bug said "apple" today.


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