Friday, September 24, 2004

This, that, and the other

* I have been playing with Ms. Boo's leap pad (interactive learning toy) in an effort to FINALLY master the locations of all 50 states. Darn it if I don't mix up Alabama and Arakansas... and I thought Iowa was way farther west than that. My geography stinks...

* Somehow, in the few times that I've sat down to watch TV recently, I managed to catch the very first AND the very last episode of the Amazing Race. I think it should be called the Amazing Disgrace. I am always disgusted at how these folks treat the people of whatever country they are in. It seems to perpetuate the obnoxious American stereotype that the rest of the world seems to have (with good reason?) Anyway, I about busted a gut when I listened to the interviews after the race was over. More than one person cited "experiencing different cultures" as a benefit of participating.

Um, yeah. Something similar happened to me, once. I got to experience French culture by eating a croissant. France ROCKS!

* Goal: paperwork for our dossier (documents sent to China) completed and at our agency by November 1. Hoping our entire file gets to China by December. I had to fork over an extra $20 to get NEW copies of my physical forms from my doctor. I have searched high and low for the first set he filled out. I fear they somehow made it into the trash can! But, fingerprinting was fun. We spent more time trying to find our way back INto the parking garage than we actually did getting the fingerprints done. But the machine they use for fingerprinting was COOL! The guy said it uses a bulb which emits different wavelengths that are absorbed by the oils in the skin. Ahhh, spectroscopy. That's good stuff. WOOOOOOOOOOO!

* Wondering: what's the point of putting a political sign in your yard. Paul and I were trying to figure out if it's just that neighbors like to egg each other on, or if the signs actaully work to affect peoples' votes. (Just think, in one drive around town, I'd decide to vote for Kerry.... no, Bush.... no,, Bush...) I'm even more curious about the point of SEVEN political signs in your yard, all of which say the same thing. I know, I think too much......

* We have new neighbors two doors down. The boy (who is 8 or 9) and the girl (who is 6) have been over every day since they moved in. They are hilarious.

* Last night, Paul and I were playing with the kids in the family room. Ms. Boo brought out every blanket from her room AND ours to lay on top of us. (We were laying on the floor.) I asked her why she was covering us up. She said, "so we can play hide and seek." Once we were all covered up, she left the room, counted to ten, declared "ready or not, here I come," and found us.... guess where we were hiding.

* The only game more humorous is duck, duck, goose played with two children who don't know how to play. Mr. Bug doesn't sit at all. He just walks around, hitting everyone in the head, saying, "guuuh." This means that at any given time, there are actually THREE people running around the "circle," which, of course, actually consists of only one person.

* The "Fruit" talk was lots of fun. My favorite comment afterward was, "Thanks. That was meaty. I can't stand the superficial stuff." I praise God for giving me that message and the chance to share it.

* Ms. Boo has some patches of icthy, dry skin on the creases of her elbows. She was in bed a few nights ago when they started bothering her. After I'd put some medicine on them, I tried to give her a goodnight hug. She would only hug me with her forearms. I looked at her like what are you doing? And she said, "I don't want to get you all medicy."



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