Wednesday, October 06, 2004


It has been over a year now that our church has been without a pastor. For the most part, it hasn't bothered me. I can say that only because, in general, people have handled it very well. Our Wednesday Bible study has not been without a teacher. The deacons are taking on additional visitation. The congregation is growing and making more of an effort to love and care for each other. I am quite proud of my church family. In lots of churches, this would be prime time for members to disappear and for fellowship to dwindle. I am thankful this has not been the case, and prayerful that it won't be in the future. I am also thankful that the guys on the search committee are willing to wait as long as it takes. Obviously, the right person hasn't come along yet, and I am glad we haven't "settled."

But, in the last week or so, I have found myself becoming increasingly weary of all of this. (I bet I'm not alone.) I am not sure what I am expecting, but I find myself wishing we had a pastor more and more. Maybe it's because I am currently pondering (agonizing over?) a weighty issue and I just wish that Paul and I could sit in our pastor's office and ask for his perspective and have him pray with us. I suppose we could do that with anyone... but it doesn't seem the same.

Maybe I just want to hear a great sermon from someone who is one of us - someone who is invested in us long-term and doesn't have the "luxury" of detatching from us until next Sunday. (This is not a criticism of the preaching we are under right now. I just want someone who, after preaching on Sunday, will keep walking with us throughout the week.)

Maybe I want direction, or routine, or who knows what. But I really want a pastor. And I want one soon.


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