Friday, September 30, 2005

Warning: Boring Post to Follow

I wanted to let you know that my sink is still clear, and all the rooms that were at mantenance level have not been downgraded. These are good things. (I'll bet you were all dying for an update on that.)

I finished writing up all the contact, medical, and miscellaneous info that I need to leave with Kelly and Danny. It is all in a folder, along with Boo's "homeschooling" lessons. This is a good thing.

I finished wrapping the gifts for the kids that they will open each day we are gone. This is a good thing.

I wrote four letters to Boo and three to Bug that they will get "in the mail" when we are gone. I think I will write one more for Bug. This is a good thing.

I THINK I finished buying/collecting all the things we will need to bring for Bao. This is a good thing.

We got a boat-load of mint condition bills on our first try at the bank. This is a very good thing.

Bug is acting like his is getting sick. This is not such a good thing.

Are you thoroughly bored yet. This is a bad thing!


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