Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It should be good things that come in threes

They say bad things happen in threes. Not any more, folks. Not any more.

Two of my last three posts were about lovely recipes that I really enjoy. So, today, when I was slurping down a fruit smoothie with the kids, I though hmmm, this here smoothie is mighty fine. Dare I post my third recipe this week so my readers can enjoy one too?

Dare, I shall.

Usually I do the following:

Add about 1 cup of apple juice and half a banana to the blender. Puree. Add in about 3/4 cup each of frozen peaches and frozen strawberries. Puree. (I like the smoothies really thick, and I do NOT like dairy in a smoothie. Add more juice if yo like them thinner, or maybe some vanilla yogurt if you like dairy.)

That's how we usually enjoy our smoothies.

Today, the kids were clamoring for a smoothie but I didn't have any juice. So I opened a can of pineapple and used almost all of the juice from it, as well as two slices of pineapple. Banana, strawberries and peaches remained the same. Well that smoothie was, in the words of Maya, "super fabuloso!" (When, exactly, will I stop thinking of everything in terms of children's shows?)

Anyway, there you have it. That's how we do smoothies around here. The kids love them, and I'd much rather they have that than most other things.

Try different stuff. We did frozen cherries once and have done frozen blueberries a few times too.


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