Monday, August 16, 2004

Another thing that doesn't make sense

Okay. Just hear me out.

I don't get why so many parents say they want their children to "love" reading. I think it is silly and totally arbitrary. It's like saying "I want my child to love math," or "I want my child to love writing." They are all important, in some way. So I believe that all people should be able to DO these things, but why does everyone want their kids to love reading? Don't tell me that it is better than having them watch TV... there are a million other valuable/useful things that a kid could be interested in and, if nurtured, would pursue instead of TV. And don't tell me that good reading skills help them perform better in other areas... cuz you can have good reading skills without a love of reading.

I hate reading. I really do. I have found so few books that keep my attention past the first chapter that it is pitiful. I'd rather make something. But I consider myself a fairly intelligent person (though that may just be evidence of how dumb I really am) and I think I can generally make sense of written and verbal communication, understand nuance, write a decent piece of non-fiction (I wouldn't care to write fiction,) and generally communicate clearly. I think I have better grammar and punctuation than your average joe. So I don't really get what I am missing by not loving to read. (I do have a fairly limited vocabulary, which could be enhanced by reading, among other things. But I don't think that is a reason to want someone to love reading.)

If Ms. Boo's current interests are any indication of the kind of teenager she'll be, then I would bet that she'd rather make something too. And, if that is what she'd rather do, then I wouldn't care a bit that she didn't *love* to read.

Now, NO WHINING all you bookworms. I am glad for you that you like to read. I just don't understand all the hype about it.

P.S. (Though, technically, there was no "S") Happy 22nd birthday, Patti.


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