Monday, October 25, 2004

Aye, Aye, Aye

Okay, folks. Here is the latest in the homestudy SAGA:

We got our homestudy back today from being authenticated in Columbus. (This, if you remember, was the document we found out we needed last week, just when we thought we had everything done.) Having received it, we were preparing to mail everything off to our adoption agency. As I went through their checklist, I saw that they had listed four items that were to be attached to the homestudy.

Does anyone want to guess how many of these attachments WERE attached to our homestudy?


Why I didn't look at this before, I don't know. I guess I assumed (since our homestudy agency has prepared homestudies for many Chinese adoptions, had received specific instructions from our adoption agency, and is directed by a woman who has, herself, adopted from China,) that they would include all necessary attachments when they handed me the "final" copy.

I should have learned not to assume things from this agency.

Anyway, our adoption agency has a copy of one of the documents, and they will attach that themselves. I went ahead and sent them all of our other paperwork. Now I have to get on the folks doing the homestudy and have them send the two remaining documents to our adoption agency. Thankfully, these documents do not have to be notarized, because that also would mean certifying and authenticating.

If there is anyone out there who is considering adopting, please, ask me first who did our homestudy, so that you will not use them!



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