Saturday, October 09, 2004

Various and Sundry

All forms requiring notarization have been completed. We will commence certification next week and will hopefully have them sent off for authentication in 2 weeks. Once that's done, we just have to mail our stuff to our agency and............wait....................

Mr. Bug keeps coming up with words out of nowhere. Today he said "hopper" when the neighbor kept talking about a grasshopper. He saw a duck today and said "duckie." Yesterday he started saying "thank you," and "goose."

Took my babes to buy pumpkins today. When we pulled up to the field-o-pumpkins, Bug said "BALL! BALL! BALL! Yaaaaaaaay!" As he threw his arms up in the air.

We painted the pumpkins today too. Ms. Boo has been asking to do it again ever since she finished.

That some things can't always be boiled down to right and wrong.

About what it means that God is sovereign. Sovereignty is no joke.

That I need to lose 20 or 25 pounds.

That I sometimes think too much.

And now:
I am going to bed.


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